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A compact vial with scale, specially made for e-liquids. The markings start at 10 ml and go in 1 ml incrementup to a maximum of 60 or 110 ml. The graduated bottle is shatterproof and made of food-safe PET. The graduated bottle has a simple drip closure, which can be easily opened with one hand. This makes filling the evaporator a breeze. The compact vial...

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The new EnerCig NCR18650GA with 3450 mAh is a true cross-country skier among the 18650 cells. But also the performance with a maximum discharge current of 10 A is not neglected. The battery can be charged with a maximum charging current of 1.5 A. The closing voltage is 4.2 volts and the discharge voltage is 2.5 volts.

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The chic face mask protective mask by Catch Get It of steamers for steamers is an absolute "must have" for every steamer. It not only looks fashionable, but is made of super practical and of course the fabric mask is washable up to 60 degrees as well as dryer suitable and can therefore be used again and again. A great fashion accessory that also protects.

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