Catch Get It Lifestyle Edition Leather Bracelet Lohikäärme Verta Dragon Head Beads Antique Silver
Catch Get It Lifestyle Edition Lederarmband Lohikäärme Verta Drachenkopf Beads Altsilber
Nov 13, 2021 News about Lifestyle and Jewellery 0 Comments

Thank you for providing the photo and contribution @bianca_tink

Here is another piece of jewelry from our @catchgetitlifestyle collection

The Lohikäärme Verta (Finnish and means dragon's blood) is a leather bracelet braided by hand in antique cherry red leather from Morocco

with a drawn dragon head and beads decorated with dragon scales. The whole with lever pressure lock made of stainless steel 316L.

It is available in 3 sizes and is, as always, handmade in Germany.

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