Warranty conditions

As proof of the guarantee claim you need a proof of purchase with the date.

Please note, however, that batteries are consumable goods. However, we offer you a 1 month guarantee for batteries. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee against wear and tear and loss of capacity of batteries. The guarantee also expires in the event of improper use, modification or incorrect application.

Please note, however, that tanks, vaporizer units, mouthpieces and similar products are consumables:

The DOA guarantee agreement applies here. These goods are single-use products or hygiene items, which unfortunately cannot be exchanged. DOA means "Dead on arrival". The above single-use products come with a DOA guarantee. Here we guarantee perfect functionality when the customer arrives. If the purchased single-use product is not complained about within the first 48 hours after receipt, further-reaching guarantee claims on the part of the buyer must be excluded.

Please note that e-cigarettes & accessories are not medical products.

They are not suitable for:
- People under 18 years of age / pregnant women / expectant or nursing mothers / people with heart or lung problems
- Non-smokers and smokers who seek professional smoking cessation.

Nicotine is a highly addictive neurotoxin. The consumption of liquids is at your own risk. We recommend that you consume liquids without nicotine at best. Please keep your liquids and e-cigarettes out of the reach of your children and pets!

Please also avoid eye and skin contact with the liquids!

If you accidentally get large amounts of liquid in your mouth and swallow it, spit the liquid out and clean your mouth with plenty of cool water! If you have swallowed high doses of nicotine liquids, consult a doctor immediately.

Please do not vape if you have allergies / intolerances to propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings or nicotine!

If you have any questions or problems with the item:

Please write us an email to customer service @ catchgetit .de with a detailed description of the problem. Errors can often be remedied with the smallest of jobs.

Please add the following data to the email:

- product
- Problem description
- Name first Name
- customer number
- Your delivery address
- Invoice number of the goods to be rejected