Your purchase is rewarded at Catch Get It- from steamers for steamers - the online shop around the e-cigarette. For each purchase, you can earn loyalty points and redeem or collect them on your next purchase. You will find under each product how many loyalty points there are and in the shopping cart how many you can collect in total with your purchase. In your customer account you will find the section Loyalty Points. There you can see the overview which points were collected with which order and when. Here you also have the possibility to convert the points into a shopping voucher and have it charged in your current shopping cart.

Details and conditions:

- From a product value of 2.00 EURO you will receive a loyalty point
- 1 loyalty point equals 0.01 EURO
- From a purchase value of 29.00 EURO you can redeem the loyalty points in the form of vouchers
- The collected loyalty points are valid for 2 years. After that, they expire depending on the date of the loyalty points (see overview in your customer account)
- The vouchers resulting from loyalty points have a validity of 1 year from the date of redemption of the loyalty points in vouchers
- Loyalty points that are collected with the current shopping cart can only be charged with the next shopping cart or order
- Cash payment is excluded. Guest accounts or guest orders are excluded from the Loyalty Points System
- Only paid and unreturned orders will be ranked with points in the Loyalty Points system.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing and discovering new and interesting products around the e-cigarette from our extensive range.

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