Smoke-free with e-cigarettes? Many people make the resolution to quit smoking at the beginning of the year. The electronic cigarette has now become a good alternative for smokers who have not yet managed to jump off the glowing stick. In addition to nicotine, it replaces the ritual of smoking, which is an important point for smokers. There is now a large selection of e-cigarettes - from the small, inconspicuous slim ones to the powerful box. All you need is a charged battery with a vaporizer and a liquid with flavor.

Smoking cessation through e-cigarettes
Anyone who wants to buy an e-cigarette usually does so because they want to quit smoking. Many smokers know, however, that it is not just the nicotine that is addictive, but also the ritual that goes with it. For many smokers, for example, the cigarette is just as important after a meal as the cigarette in waiting situations. Electronic cigarettes maintain such rituals. The "hit" when pulling on the mouthpiece simulates and satisfies the feeling of smoking a cigarette. In general, it is advisable to always have a supply of e-liquids and atomizer heads at home. This minimizes the risk of relapse.

There are many advantages for the user: According to a large number of recent studies, the electronic cigarette is not that harmful to health (based on the contained toxins in the e-cigarette) and significantly cheaper in terms of acquisition costs. For many, another important reason to switch is that you no longer smell unpleasant like cold smoke and are also allowed to vape in many public places. In addition, you have to renovate your own four walls much less often, as tar no longer settles on the walls.

Finding the right start - the different types of devices
E-cigarettes for inexperienced vapers
Easy operation
Not too high watt settings
Handy and easy maintenance
cheap to buy

E-cigarettes for advanced vapers
More setting options
Adjustable up to 300 watts
Up to 4 batteries required
very durable

What is the best / right electronic cigarette for you?
Anyone who deals with the subject of vaping usually wants to know which is the best e-cigarette. As the market continues to grow, there are more and more manufacturers. The question of the best electronic cigarette is therefore not easy to answer. E-cigarette reviews show that all devices are safe and user friendly. But it always plays a big role when you want to vape and how long the battery should last. Design, color and size are also very important features for many users. Basically, beginners should first ask themselves how much they will be vaping. Experience has shown that a heavy smoker will use the device more often than an occasional smoker. He will also need a larger tank for the e-liquid than a To avoid a bad buy, it is therefore important to obtain comprehensive information. An e-cigarette test gives good information about the different models.

Since a liquid, the so-called e-liquid, is vaporized in e-cigarettes, it is called vaping. The e-cigarette offers the user many advantages. It is considered to be less harmful to health,
the e-liquid smells pleasant and the costs are lower than for conventional cigarettes. Another advantage is that the devices do not fall under the public non-smoking protection law and are therefore allowed in some public spaces. However, it should be noted that the house rules always apply. E-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes are prohibited on airplanes, but there are many pubs and restaurants where steamers are welcome. Family and friends are also more tolerant of steamers, as the steam often smells sweet and does not settle in clothing. Since the advantages are obvious, the devices are becoming more popular in society.

This is how an e-cigarette works
The e-cigarettes are available in different sizes, colors and variants. Most electronic cigarettes have a battery, a vaporizer, a mouthpiece and a tank for the e-liquid. While you can use the tank, battery and mouthpiece permanently, you have to replace the atomizer head regularly. The models differ mainly in their size. There are small devices that are perfect for your pocket, for example. Those who are on the road for a longer period prefer larger devices or devices with replaceable batteries. It should be noted that there are very simple entry-level sets, the so-called eGo cigarettes, but also devices for very experienced vapers such as battery carriers with self-winding devices. A large range of accessories and spare parts complete the range. In addition, many devices can be adapted to your own needs. For example, you can change the mouthpieces.

If you pull on the mouthpiece, a piezo element is made to vibrate by the control electronics. The carrier liquid is atomized and an aerosol is created. The advantage is that the device is only active as long as the mouthpiece is pulled and a button is pressed. Pressing the button removes power from the battery. When you puff on a conventional cigarette, a combustion process takes place. There is no such process with vaping. For the user, this means that he does not absorb any carbon monoxide or tar. In addition, another 60 substances that are considered carcinogenic and thus pose a significant health risk are eliminated. Your partner, friends and colleagues will also be happy: Vaping smells good and does not cause any unpleasant smells.

The e-liquid for the e-cigarette
The liquid that evaporates from electronic cigarettes is called e-liquid. Anyone who wants to buy an e-cigarette therefore also needs an e-liquid. Most liquids contain what is known as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and nicotine. In contrast to conventional cigarettes, you can choose the nicotine strength yourself. It is recommended that those switching to start with a stronger e-liquid, for example with a nicotine content of 18 milligrams or 12 milligrams. Chain smokers and heavy smokers start out with higher nicotine levels than casual smokers. Over time, many vapers wean themselves off nicotine and eventually end up with liquids completely free of nicotine.

Components of the liquid
The proportion of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine can also be selected. The vegetable glycerine, commonly known as VG, creates large clouds of vapor and a sweet taste. It's viscous and thicker. Propylene glycol is a liquid and so-called "hit" that is known from conventional cigarettes. The "hit" plays a special role because it is supposed to simulate smoking a cigarette and prevent the steamer from smoking cigarettes. Standard liquids contain a 50/50 blend, which is recommended to start with. Anyone who has some experience with vaping can experiment later and find their own favorite mixture. The good thing about it: The liquids have taste. They are mixed with different flavor aromas.

It doesn't matter whether you prefer to steam sweet liquids such as chocolate, or whether you prefer something fresh like lemon. There are also many extravagant flavors such as Red Bull, Energy or Cola. Mixtures such as strawberry-vanilla or woodruff-cola are also very popular. There is also a wide selection of tobacco liquids, but they cannot be compared with the taste of cigarettes. Nevertheless, tobacco liquids are also very popular. The liquids are available in small bottles that fit practically in every handbag or pocket.

Cleaning and maintaining your e-cigarette
The e-cigarette is a state-of-the-art technical product made of components that are subject to wear and tear, but with a little care and moderate handling, you will enjoy it for a long time. Cleaning and caring for the vaporizer is the be-all and end-all. Not only for hygienic reasons, but also because after a while, liquid and vapor residues form, which can affect the taste.
If you often change the taste of your liquid and forget to clean your e-cigarette for weeks, you will often notice a change in taste. This change in taste can usually not be assessed as positive.

How often should i clean my e-cigarette?
This depends very much on your vaping behavior. Constant sucking is recommended to clean the e-cigarette and thus the tank once a week. "Normal" vapers can sometimes postpone it for two to three weeks. Sure, it doesn't matter if you “only” clean your vaporizer once a month or every two months, but after a certain amount of use it gets gross.
Recommendation: You should clean your e-cigarette when you replace your atomizer head at the latest.

The quick cleaning of the electronic cigarette
It must be said in advance that you only have to clean your e-cigarette if you use a tank vaporizer. There is no need to clean e-cigarettes with a single-use depot.
Tip - You can clean your vaporizer in an ultrasonic bath. To do this, remove the coils and cotton wool and let them clean in approx. 60 ° C hot water without detergent for 15-30 minutes.

Vaporizer cleaning instructions, step by step
Disassemble your e-cigarette. Unscrew the tank from the battery carrier (if present), remove the drip tip down, coil and, if present, suck off excess liquid with a syringe.
Wash all parts beforehand and run off warm running water. (Not the battery mod) Remove coarse dirt with a cloth.
With a few cotton swabs, you now clean the inside of the tank thoroughly. Also try to get the cotton swab into the "air duct" to free it from dirt.

Basic knowledge of battery and battery carrier
The electronic cigarette / e cigarette vaporizes liquid. Energy is needed to vaporize liquid and it comes from a battery. In principle, an electronic cigarette consists of a power source and a vaporizer. Both are available in a variety of designs and functions. If you look around the market, you will find many names such as VV Mod, Mod +, VW, TC, regulated and mechanical. In addition, there are capacity specifications and equipment features. A confusion for many beginners. This paragraph should bring some clarity, especially for beginners.

Use of language and terms
There are the terms battery, battery cell, battery carrier, battery box, battery charger, USB charger. These terms are sometimes used confusingly.

The battery carrier and the battery box are basically the same. This is a case with a button and electronics that can hold a battery (replaceable battery) or has a built-in battery. Battery mods in box form have been popular for a long time.
Battery, that can mean two things. On the one hand there is the "battery" that can be used in battery carriers and battery boxes. At other times, you mean a battery with a sleeve, button and electronics, all built into one another (e.g. entry-level devices, cigalikes - e-cigarettes that look like real cigarettes).
Accumulator cell - usually the accumulator, so the "battery" is meant.
Battery charger - charger for battery, battery cell ("battery")
USB charger - this usually means a USB cable (USB to mini-USB). Battery boxes and battery carriers with built-in batteries, as well as entry-level devices (they are also battery carriers), can be charged with them. Devices in which you can insert batteries can usually be charged via USB. This means that, for example, you can charge the device in the car or on the PC while you are out and about, and even vape while it is.
VV, VW: variable volts, variable watts - watts and volts can be regulated and adapted to your own needs for the amount of steam and taste
TC, VCT: Temperature control, variable temperature control - temperature-controlled steaming is possible. Is built into many devices almost as standard.
510 thread: the most common (99%) thread type. The battery and atomizer use this thread. Can also be used for EGO evaporators with an adapter
Ego thread: More often found on entry-level devices and smaller vaporizers. Can also be used for 510 thread with adapter.
Batteries in e-cigarettes, we need to know that
Battery cells
Modern battery mods and e-cigarettes usually rely on the power of lithium-polymer or lithium-ion batteries. There is a small but subtle difference between the two technologies: The electrolytes required for ion transport consist of a liquid in lithium-ion batteries, and a gel-like polymer-based film in lithium-polymer batteries. This makes the polymer variant more flexible, which means that it can also be built into devices in a curved or angled manner. In principle, however, it does not matter which type of battery is installed in your device: By observing a few basic rules, you can extend its life considerably.

Correct storage of unused e-cigarette batteries
Not every device is in daily use - what we need to know: The higher the cell voltage, the faster the batteries in your e-cigarette or battery carrier age. For this reason, it is better not to recharge the device after use before you want to pack it away again. It is better to refuel before use. A charge level between 55 and 75 percent is ideal for storage. Also important: Batteries like it cool. At room temperatures of around 20 degrees, a battery loses around three percent of its charge per month. So it is better to store in a cool cellar.

Care of the batteries in the e-cigarette
Your lithium-ion batteries should be disconnected from the charger after they have been fully and successfully charged. Lithium-ion batteries that you are not using should always be 55% - 75% charged.

Do not leave your e-cigarette in the vehicle! In the summer months, temperatures in the vehicle can be very high and liquid can leak out of the e-cigarette.
In the winter months, the liquid and condensation freeze and inevitably damage your e-cigarette due to the expansion.

Lithium-ion batteries are also subject to a temperature range of approx. 0-40 ° C, so never leave your e-cigarette in the vehicle during these months.