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Digiflavor is a young company based in Shenzhen, China. Digiflavor and its engineers focus more on taste than on large clouds. Time and again, the team has put their hands on airflow in search of perfection. The idea behind Digiflavor is to digitize the taste. Worldwide, Digiflavor keeps the steamer scene on the road, be it with the Fuji GTA or with the Pilgrim GTA. What started small has now developed into one of the best evaporator manufacturers.

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The Aura RDA from Digiflavor is a self-winder dropper with a diameter of 24.00 mm and impresses with an excellent 2-post-clamp deck. The 2-post-clamp deck offers the possibility to install single and dual coil windings. Demonstration item - Good: A used item that has been used for demonstration purposes but which is fully functional. The item and...

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