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Wotofo Technology Co. Limited is an e-cigarette manufacturer founded in 2009 and based in Shenzhen. Wotofo itself brings a lot of passion, high resources and high-quality machines to produce quality products. Wotofo advertises itself with a high quality standard, which is achieved by a high level of quality management. Wotofo itself exports its products to more than 50 countries worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of high quality.

Price €19.33

With the Serpent Elevate RTA, Wotofo presents the newest member of the Serpent family, which was developed in collaboration with Suck My Mod. The leak-proof evaporator has a large volume of 3.5 ml and with the supplied bubble glass even 4.5 ml.Return - How new: An unused item that is a return from customers. The goods are no longer welded in foil, but...

Price €25.17

The Wotofo Vape Tool Kit includes everything the user needs to quickly and correctly manufacture and adjust the new windings. Made of high-quality materials and well sorted in the bag, the Wotofo Vape Tool Kit is optimally suited both at home and on the road for all users who like to manufacture their windings themselves.

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