Items of the brand StattQualm

In 2012, stattqualm was founded as an association that wanted to inform in Switzerland mainly about e-cigarettes and steaming and was intended as a platform for beginners or newcomers. The development of a separate device developed in Switzerland resulted from a prolonged shortage of high-end esteamers. In addition to their passion for evaporation, the four members of the association also share a flair for technology and creativity.

Since 2013, stattqualm has been working as a company on the continuous further development of the product range. stattqualm GmbH strives to deliver the highest product quality and the best possible customer support at fair prices. In a multifaceted and constantly growing market for e-cigarettes, stattqualm has succeeded in establishing itself through innovation and quality and serving the market with high-quality "e-steam devices". Our product 'SQuape' has enjoyed the highest acceptance in the community since 2013.

The company is located in the heart of Central Switzerland and continues to act as an information platform or a point of contact for newcomers or changers.

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