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What does the XTARbrand stand for? For well thought-out and innovative solutions in lithium charging technology as well as convincing hand lamps for hobby and profession. Especially in the field of high-quality Li-Ion chargers, XTAR has established itself as an industry leader and is a reliable size for both private and commercial users.

More than 30 patents and the distribution of the products in 40 countries, including France, Norway, England, Germany, USA, Japan and Australia, today reflect the innovative power of the company.

Price €25.17

Under the name Queen ANT MC6, the manufacturer XTAR launches its first 6-bay charger for Li-Ion batteries. The six battery bays of the Queen ANT MC6 are controlled and controlled completely independently of each other. This makes it easy to charge different batteries at the same time. All common Li-Ion sizes are supported, from 14500-26650 everything is...

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With the new member of the VC line of chargers, XTAR combines the advantages of the VP and MC series. The XTAR VC4S charger impresses with its compact dimensions and precise performance. The new intelligent XTAR VC4S charger leaves nothing to be desired. Every single port of the charger works completely independently.

Price €25.17

XTAR offers sufficient loading bays and flexibility with the VC8. The VC8 can charge a wide range of Li-ion, NiMH and NiCd batteries including sizes 20700 and 21700 in PCB guns version. XTAR is the combination of principle, technological progress and responsibility for safety and environmental protection. The charger is suitable for both beginners and...

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