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Smoant was founded in February 2016 and originally specializes in the production, development, research and marketing of sub-ohm tanks and ADVANCED personal vaporizers (APVs). The main goal of the high-tech manufacturer is to reach the wide mass of steamers, as well as each individual of them, in order to deliver the best result to everyone.

In the meantime, the SMOANT employees have designed four evaporators, four mods and 1 top-class kit and successfully presented them to the market. With the ultimate RABOX, a Mech Mod of the unprecedented top class, the manufacturer will finally catapult the manufacturer to the top, into the list of top suppliers. SMOANT is a company that consists of experienced steamers, the guys know about their products and are always ready to accept and implement suggestions for improvement, criticism and suggestions, both OEM and ODM are always welcome.

Price €58.78

The Cylon TC218 from SMOANT is a compact battery carrier with a solid metal housing, which offers the steamer a wide variety of variations and is compatible with clearomizere evaporators up to 30 mm in diameter. In addition, it features a coloured 1.35 inch TFT display, which makes it possible to read useful information at a glance. Inside the SMOANT...

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