Items of the brand Wick'N'Vape

The story of Cotton Bacon and Wick N Vape begins in 2014, when mech mods and drippers were the latest trend in steaming. Nick Richards, owner of Matrix Vapor in Meridian, Idaho, spent most of his days in his shop building coils and drilling out RDAs for his customers. At that time, the cotton bushes of the local pharmacy were the ideal material, and although it was not ideal, it was the norm. Nick had a customer, Sean, who came to his store with his strange strips of corrugated cotton fabric, which were much easier to process and tasted better than cotton balls. Sean revealed to Nick that he cooked his cotton balls, rolled them up and laid them out flat to dry. Nick started buying Sean's cotton and offering it to his customers in their builds. They joked that it looked like bacon because of the wavy nature of bacon, and one day, when Sean delivered a fresh stock, he shouted, "Here's your bacon!" The name stuck, and from that point on, all of Nick's customers asked for "Cotton Bacon" in their builds. Demand for Cotton Bacon grew so much that Sean couldn't keep up. Since there was no other cotton alternative on the vaping market, the two decided to start a company together.

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