Items of the brand Teslacigs

Teslacigs is a Chinese manufacturer of e-cigarettes and accessories, which impresses mainly with the exclusive designs of its products. With its own research and development department, Teslacigs is pushing the global e-cigarette market not only visually, but also technologically. All Teslacigs products are subjected to intensive quality controls and shine through safety and durability.

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The TESLA Poker 218W Mod battery carrier is a 218 watt mod in modern playing card design available in different variants and working with a power between 7 and 218 watts. The Tesla Poker 218W Mod is powered by 2 x 18650 battery cells (not included) and offers enough power reserves for each steamer.

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With the Punk 86 W, the first regulated tubemod in steampunk design from Tesla is now on the market. This beautifully designed mod is a real eye-catcher due to its elaborate decorations. It is designed to operate with an 18650 battery and produces between 7 and 86 watts.

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