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The name of ADVKEN is inspired by a couple who are true to their dreams. The common ideal comes from the female owner Vicky and the male owner Andy: Transform color and healthy lifestyles in our lives into an active and healthy way of life. Integrate colors and settings into the product, deepen life and quality at the core of the products. This belief has gradually influenced many people, so more people understand colors and feel that we agree with health and quality. The brand is also the integration and extension of the English names of couples. It is also a spiritual culture of its own: mixing different ideas and expanding positive thinking.

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The Advken Manta RTA self-winder tank has a diameter of 24 mm and a tank volume of 5 ml or 3.5 ml, depending on the tank glass used. The deck is a dual coil deck, which is strongly reminiscent of the Velocity Deck, the lower mounting holes are further apart than the upper ones.

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