Items of the brand INNOKIN

Cigarette enjoyment and health awareness. As one of the most renowned developers and manufacturers of e-cigarettes (vaporizers), INNOKIN combines the highest demands of experienced tobacco lovers with the promotion of a healthier lifestyle. The innovative clearomizers or vaporizers are supplied by the Asian e-cigarette expert to numerous customers whose customers want to switch from conventional cigarette consumption to healthier and cheaper, electric cigarettes or who are convinced of the quality of the INNOKIN products for the following reasons:

A dedicated research and design team is constantly working in close cooperation with customers and partners from the gourmet industry, medicine and science on new developments in the field of e-cigarettes and clearomizers. The development of at least one new product as well as the successful market launch of four evaporator models per year show the high innovation potential of the leading Chinese beverage manufacturer. Strict tests and quality controls prior to the publication of a new e-cigarette model are a natural area of product development and a central part of the company's philosophy.

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