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ijoy is one of the manufacturers when it comes to e-cigarettes. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the high-tech company ijoy has become known worldwide through interesting innovations and various patents in the field of e-cigarettes. For ijoy , the well-being and satisfaction of the customer is always paramount. For this reason, ijoy developed the first RDTA evaporator and launched it in 2014.

Especially fans of self-winding units and the so-called Cloud Chasing get their money's worth with an e-cigarette from ijoy . Due to the high-quality processed decks, the consumers of RDTA e-cigarettes are completely free to use their favorite wire or cotton wool. Whether stainless steel or Kanthal, ijoy gave the steamers the opportunity for the first time to individualize their e-cigarette in even more detail and experience an unprecedented steam experience.

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The IJOY INR26650 40 A is a high-quality lithium-ion high-current cell specially developed by IJOY with a discharge current of up to a constant 40 A, for a short time even up to 85 A! It is ideally suited for steaming in SUB OHM operation and offers enormous reserves with 4200 mAh of cargo. The IJOY INR26650 battery cell is currently considered one of the...

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