Items of the brand Geekvape

The Chinese company Geekvape Technology has been offering high-quality components under the brand of the same name for several years, which are aimed in particular at self-winders. Already during production, care is taken to offer noble and at the same time timeless designs. Stainless steel, glass and ceramics are often used.

Geekvape products are usually characterized by harmonious colours, camouflage patterns or a design that often and happily resembles honeycomb shapes. It is a consistent line, which is usually adhered to here. In this way, the manufacturer creates a maximum recognition value.

Due to its specialization, the company was able to establish itself well in the DIY sector of steamers. Almost one in five self-winders have tested and found Geekvape products to be good.

Price €25.17

Geek Vape Medusa is reborn. Larger and with improved properties. As everywhere, of course is better in the eye of the beholder. The first thing you notice about the Medusa RDTA's big brother is that it has grown by a few millimeters. The height results from a deeper liquid tub, with the Reborn 3.5 ml of liquid fit into the deep tub. A decent achievement...

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