Items of the brand Eleaf

Behind the e-cigarette brand Eleaf is iSmoka Electronics Co. Ltd., a former Joyetechsubsidiary founded in Shenzhen City in the People's Republic of China in 2008 and has been active worldwide in the e-cigarette market ever since. Eleaf is well known in the steamer community for high-quality e-cigarettes and battery carriers - the Eleaf iSticks - and is also very popular because of the moderate price level: Eleaf is considered among steamers to be the e-cigarette manufacturer with the best price-performance ratio ever, the money saved by the battery carrier can be invested sensibly in further evaporators and fresh liquid. Customer support is also a top priority for Eleaf , and customers and distributors are seen by Eleaf as important partners with whom you want a long-term commitment.

Eleaf also sees itself as the manufacturer with the greatest focus on the needs of customers and aims for the shortest reaction times in the development of new products such as battery carriers and evaporators. Innovative Eleafmodels such as the iStick are designed to pick up customers directly at their ever-evolving needs and even exceed their high expectations. The short development cycles have produced a large product portfolio of e-cigarettes and battery carriers at Eleaf over the years, especially in the Eleaf iStick. Already today in 2018, the range of different models is considerable.

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