Items of the brand BambergerDampferlädla

The Bamberg steamer shop presents the series of gods. The gods go mad! The LiquidGods have smothered the soil of the Bamberg Steamer's Shop to bring the taste explosion into your evaporators. Think of who ever licks the white how tastes.

Price €26.85
€67.13 pro 100 ml

Bassd Schooo Box from the aromas series Lädla Juice Bassd Schooo from Bamberger Dampferlädla as Wood Box Edition - strictly limited with 2 times bassd Schooo singel aromas of choice (strawberry, cherry, maracuja, lemon). Beautiful wooden box with brass hinges and noble wood branding in the design of the Bassd Schooo series.

Price €10.88
€54.40 pro 100 ml

The Shake and Vape Lädla's Chabeso Lemon Lime Grapefruit Aroma by Bamberger Dampferlädla from the series Lädla Juice Blubber Säftla tastes like a fresh, self-pressed lemonade with fresh lemons, lime and grapefruit, a real Blubba juice from Bamberger Dampferlädla from the Lädla's Aroma series.

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