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The American manufacturer designs and produces high-quality vaping hardware and accessories. The company itself says they manufacture products of the "gold standard of the industry". The design and development offices, as well as support, can be found in San Diego. dotmod are happy to advise vapers personally and give them an insight into the work. They proudly present the latest products to the customer and since dotmod not only developed mods and evaporators, but also suitable and high-quality accessories, a chic DripTip can also be taken with you. A trip to San Diego is always worthwhile! Every item in this house is designed with precision. Performance and style determine the finish of the overall picture. dotmod's passion and purpose pursues only one goal, profit, - the profit for the customer! He should enjoy the healthier lifestyle!

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The dotmod dotRDA Petri v2 tröpfler comes with a completely 24K gold-plated copper deck. Two wide poles spread in the deck and offer plenty of space for ordinary as well as special wire types and large windings. A deep liquid tub allows the floor to be lined with a lot of cotton wool.

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