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Vaporizer and tank systems from the comfortable jaw steamer to the special sub-ohm tank. There are basically two types of evaporators:

DL - Direct Lung - Direct lung trains for intense taste and large clouds

MTL - Mouth to Lung - Restrictive draught for baking vapour for an intense taste and high dose of nicotine

2 ML capacity from a tank of an vaporizer can be compared roughly to a box of cigarettes (MTL). This value does not refer to the amount of nicotine they consume, but to the amount of steam compared to smoking. For DL Sub-Ohm steamers, it is recommended to choose between 3 and 5ML or higher for larger tank capacities. It should be noted that evaporators in particular, which create a strong steam development, consume correspondingly more liquid.

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The Advken Manta RTA self-winder tank has a diameter of 24 mm and a tank volume of 5 ml or 3.5 ml, depending on the tank glass used. The deck is a dual coil deck, which is strongly reminiscent of the Velocity Deck, the lower mounting holes are further apart than the upper ones.

CoilART Azeroth RDA Selbstwickler Tröpfler CoilART Azeroth RDA Selbstwickler Tröpfler
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The latest top product from COILART the Azeroth RDA is a droplet with a 24 mm diameter and a postless deck that can accommodate single DUAL and even trible coils. The patented Triple Coil Deck offers plenty of space for individual windings. Taste and a lot of steam are the top priority of COILART 's Azeroth RDA. COILART supplies a BF pin to the Azeroth...

Price €23.49

The manufacturer Digiflavor is launching a drop RDA that is exceptional. The Drop RDA has 4 posts in the deck, which make it possible to install any wire winding. Due to the lateral air flow, which is equipped with 10 air holes per side, the winding is optimally and permanently supplied with air, resulting in an excellent taste.

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The dotmod dotRDA Petri v2 tröpfler comes with a completely 24K gold-plated copper deck. Two wide poles spread in the deck and offer plenty of space for ordinary as well as special wire types and large windings. A deep liquid tub allows the floor to be lined with a lot of cotton wool.

Price €27.69

The Drop Dead RDA is the latest masterpiece from hellvape and has a diameter of 24 mm and is also ideal for self-winding beginners. Thanks to its design, the Drop Dead RDA has a very deep liquid tub and the coils (single or dual coils) can be adjusted very easily and precisely, just like the air supply.

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