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EnerCig NCR18650GA 3450 mAh Li-ION Akku EnerCig NCR18650GA 3450 mAh Li-ION Akku
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The new EnerCig NCR18650GA with 3450 mAh is a true cross-country skier among the 18650 cells. But also the performance with a maximum discharge current of 10 A is not neglected. The battery can be charged with a maximum charging current of 1.5 A. The closing voltage is 4.2 volts and the discharge voltage is 2.5 volts.

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The IJOY INR26650 40 A is a high-quality lithium-ion high-current cell specially developed by IJOY with a discharge current of up to a constant 40 A, for a short time even up to 85 A! It is ideally suited for steaming in SUB OHM operation and offers enormous reserves with 4200 mAh of cargo. The IJOY INR26650 battery cell is currently considered one of the...

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