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Bags and cases for the safe storage of evaporators and battery carriers - at Catch Get It - of steamers for steamers - the online shop around the e-cigarette

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These stylish Catch Get It Family Edition vaporizer stands are available in 3 different colors. The 510 Catch Get It Family Edition vaporizer stands can be used for vaporizers with a 510 connection. The special thing about this vaporizer base is the milled 510 thread. This gives the evaporator a firm hold in the evaporator stand. The Catch Get It Family...

Price €18.45

The Vapehero Hey Digga XL storage bag is a high-quality, hand-crafted storage bag from vapehero with space to accommodate your steamer equipment. Thanks to the processed materials, the vapehero Hey Digga XL is shock-resistant and water-repellent - the hardcase is equipped with a double-walled, shock-resistant membrane that optimally protects the equipment...

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