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Mixing - at Catch Get It - from steamers for steamers - the online shop around the e-cigarette

Creating your own e-cigarette liquid proves by far the greatest devotion to your passion, vaping. A drop of it, a little bit of it - shaken and not stirred - last but not least a touch to round off the aroma. Even mixing is a craft, a pleasure and your new pure joy. And the best thing about it? Everything you need to get from us: Aromas, longfills, bases and mixed accessories can be easily purchased in the online shop

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A compact vial with scale, specially made for e-liquids. The markings start at 10 ml and go in 1 ml incrementup to a maximum of 60 or 110 ml. The graduated bottle is shatterproof and made of food-safe PET. The graduated bottle has a simple drip closure, which can be easily opened with one hand. This makes filling the evaporator a breeze. The compact vial...

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